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Printing enterprises how to carry out and implement the ISO9001 quality system certification

  with China's accession to WTO and international exchanges among more and more frequently, domestic enterprises in nearly two years set off upsurge of implementing quality management system certification. December 28, 2000 ISO quality management and quality assurance Technical Committee published the 2000 version of ISO9000 family standards, the State Bureau of technical supervision and implementation on June 1, 2001, 1994 edition of ISO9000 standard expires in the end of 2003, printing enterprises how to seize the ISO9000 standard version upgrade opportunity, innovation and quality, and on this basis, driven and continually improve the performance and efficiency of enterprises, Increase the satisfaction of customers and other interested in the domestic and international markets to test their skills?
, 2000, ISO9000 standards where the new
2000 version standard ISO9000 standards as a whole management system principles, structure, the technical content of a fully integrated and updated. By quality guarantee mode upgrade for quality management system, proposed has eight items management principles (to customer for concern focus; led role; full participation; process method; management of system method: continued improved; based on facts of decision method; and for party benefit of relationship), and put it as whole standard of based, extended has terms standard and increased has quality management system based, will original of three species type organization different of quality guarantee mode integration for a versatility of standard, standard of structure by elements mode into process method, while And internal coordination among the various standards, and compatibility of other management systems are considered. It can be said that 2000 version of ISO9000 family standards is a new version.
1, a new standard system context more clearly. A more focused, more concise, perfect, scientific, reasonable, practical and easier for companies to accept and operate: (1) new standard ISO9000 "quality management system" chapter, describes the theory and concepts of quality management system. (2) the ISO90001 standards is a universal standard, suitable for organizations of any type, size and product provided, and can be cut.
2, the new standard to promote quality assurance model to quality management system: in addition to quality assurance, and aims to enhance customer satisfaction, based on customer, quality system focusing on customer service, into the Organization as the benchmark, the quality system focuses on services for your organization. 1994 version of the supply chain for contractor-supplier-customer, the 2000 version ISO9001 supply chain is expressed as "supplier → organizations → customer", "organization" has replaced the old standard in the "supply side," supplier-to replace contractors. In this way, handed the initiative to the Organization, and organize the implementation of this system in order to better serve customers, enhance customer satisfaction, which is in a dominant position in market competition.
3, and on terms standard for has extended, and increased capacity: terms by 4 class extended for 10 class, total article number by 67 article increased for 80 article, but due to old standard terms in the of 28 article not included new terms standard or was new of terms by contains, real increased 41 article, accounted for to terms total of half; standard also additional tips Appendix, specifically provides has defined standard in the of terms by using of method, draw has quality system about of specific concept field in the terms Zhijian of relationship figure. Defined method is more scientific, rigorous, the term system more complete and perfect.
4, using the process method, replacing the element structure: new standards to replace the structure model. The so-called "process approach", that is, application of the system of processes within an organization, together with the identification and interactions of these processes and their management, the advantage is on the links between the individual processes in the system, as well as process and continuous control over the interaction. Meanwhile, the objective, the mandatory application of the program files required, ISO9001:2000 only 6 "documented procedure shall be established" requirement: the document control procedures, quality records, internal quality control procedures, audit procedures, nonconforming product control, corrective action programs, preventive action procedure. So as to avoid the weakness of the file system is too cumbersome, an adverse action, strengthen the effective operation of quality management system. New standard also introduced has "PDCA" method, and on PDCA mode in standard in the of using do has briefly; "P-planning: according to customer of requirements and organization of approach, for provides results established necessary of target and process; D-implementation process; C-check: according to approach, and target and products requirements, on process and products for Pro depending on and measurement, and report results; A-disposal: take measures, to continued improved process performance. "
5, in the new version, is a harmonized quality system ISO9001 and ISO9004 criterion: its scope of application is different, but share a similar structure, can complement each other, can also be individually has a similar structure, can complement each other, and can also be used independently. ISO9001 is intended to give a product quality assurance and enhance customer satisfaction, it is concerned at the effectiveness of the quality management system. ISO9004 is more concerned about the continual improvement of the Organization's overall performance and efficiency, through the pursuit of performance of top management, continuous improvement and beyond the ISO9001 standard.
Second, the necessity of printing enterprises carrying out ISO9000 standard version 2000.
with the development of printing, printing companies implementing the ISO9000 series standards is particularly important. It is necessary are:
(1) meet the needs of economic globalization
ISO9000 quality system quality system is the world's most authoritative, the internationalization trend of implementing ISO9000 series standards has been formed, the world has generally adopted the ISO9000 series standards. The printing industry is no exception, and around the world, including many printing companies have established the ISO9000 system, ISO standards implemented as part of quality management focused on in order to meet the needs of international markets, at present, the domestic printing packaging and related industries for nearly 30,000 companies have adopted or are seeking through the quality certification. Implement ISO9000 series standards are effective ways in line with the international standards of quality management, in international trade can be eliminated as a result of quality management requirements are not unified against obstacles, China has joined the WTO, this is especially important.
(2) carry out ISO9000 version 2000 to improve the management level of enterprises
1, printing is a replication technology, reproduction and reproduction of manuscript, in addition to faithful original side, also has an artistic side. Printing process on other areas of the production process is more complicated, different materials, different product requirements dictate different processes in the production process, with a product may appear different due to different customer quality requirements. Implement ISO9000 series of quality management system standards and the standardization of culture. This requires the practice of printing enterprise must use the appropriate data in each process conditions and parameters relatively fixed, operate according to certain requirements under certain conditions, so as to effectively unify enterprise and its customers quality requirements divided. All the employees in the production process of implementation documents, so as to improve the experience, relying on Visual inspection of traditional practices, establish data quality management.
2, ISO9000 series standards calls for the establishment of quality management system has the function of continuous improvement. Enterprises through the implementation of the standards for internal quality audits, identify problems and take corrective and preventive action, continuous improvement, improve the management level and product quality through external quality audits for companies to maintain and improve the quality management system through improving and enhancing the quality of management review the adaptability of the system. Senior management conduct regular management reviews, corrective actions and adverse trends in the non-conformance, uninterrupted by taking preventive measures, so that all aspects of the work of continuous improvement and perfection, so as to promote the development of enterprises.
3, ISO9000 series standards of management thought and management methods also apply to other aspects of the internal management of printing enterprises, such as administration, business management, and more. Implement ISO9000 series standards, improves the product quality level also improve other aspects of the internal management of enterprises, which play a decisive role in the development and growth of enterprises.
(3) improve the level of product quality
1, can ensure product quality stability. Through implement ISO9000 series standard, printing Enterprise set has to prevention of management thought, on all effect quality has activities implementation control, prior full consider to various risk, take effective of prevention measures; through on production products or provides service of full process implementation control, prevent not meet quality requirements of situation appeared; guarantee various resources of provides (including people of skills, and using right of equipment, and using qualified of material,), to makes production smooth for.
2, guarantees the product quality improvement. Printing Enterprise for not qualified and bad trend timely take effective of corrected and prevention measures, regularly carried out quality audit activities, found insufficient, immediately corrected or improved; attention customer of quality feedback, has plans, and has destination exhibition improve products quality of activities, for reached improve products quality of purpose constantly used technology and new approach, formed benign cycle mechanism, guarantee has products quality of constantly improve.
(4) improve the market competitive power of enterprises
user expectations for high quality has become a worldwide trend, the only way to improve quality is to safeguard the interests of producers. Good quality management helps to reduce waste, reduce consumption, increase productivity and efficiency. While quality is the primary means of participating in market competition. Implementation ISO9000 series standard can improve printing enterprise of reputation, guarantee products quality, enhanced enterprise of market competitiveness
three, and propaganda ISO9000 standard, printing enterprise should caught following three a key points:
(1) must to in all workers in the publicity good through standard certification of importance, Organization standard of training learning, and from enterprise internal familiar process technology and quality management, has must text organization capacity, by training qualified made within trial member qualification of personnel mainly, Careful preparation of documents. Write the file itself is the business practice of ISO9000 family standards of learning, understanding, induction, the process of digestion and absorption, this process is more thorough, more closely in conjunction with the actual file's role will be more powerful, apply effects with the other system files.
(2) to ensure the trial operation of the system file. If said prepared ISO9001 quality system file is a items cumbersome, and complex of work, so, according to this a file run will is more difficult of work, difficult on difficult in concept of change Shang, in long-term of planned system Xia, many comrade habits Yu obey led of administrative command, not habits Yu by system do; habits Yu finished on something, not habits Yu retained records, habits Yu by experience operation, "a people a sets", not habits Yu by standard operation. In this regard, there should be fully prepared to timely in-depth transformation of education, and leadership to solve scientific problems, solve command blindness issues in management, Executive Management resolve random issues, asking people to strictly act according to the document, "write what I do, do I write". While, in simulation run and within trial in the, through PDCA method, that planning implementation, and check, and disposal, further modified, and perfect file; run in the makes each personal are understand in since has of post Shang should "by what production, production what, operation what, test what, corrected what, records what", ensure quality file of each items content are can completely, and in place to implementation, for official certification lay solid of based.
(3) to overcome the short-term thinking, with certification as a new starting point, the quality of work in the future internal audits on a regular basis to ensure the normal operation of the quality system, and to modify, upgrade the system constantly to make it continue to improve, to ensure that in future every review, renewal process can be passed.


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