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Printing die-cut adhesive tape technology

  packing tape now in the industry, cars, cell phones, electronics, electrical appliances and other special requirements, precision die-cutting adhesive tape used in a coil shape State and health.
die-cutting process is the most commonly used packaging tape to a process, is to use die-cut pattern design tool based on product requirements into a die, under the influence of pressure, adhesive tape or other slab blank rolled and cut into the desired shape or cut molding process. Creasing is to use wire cutter or die through the pressure outlet pressure marks on the sheet, roll or reel rolled out marks on the sheet, so that the sheets can be bent at a predetermined location.
die-cutting and creasing process is usually the cutting knife and wire cutter combinations within the same template, while in the die-cutting machine for die-cutting and indentation process, referred to as die-cut.
die-cut into the main processes are: → adjust → distance → adheres when pressure on rubber → → pressure die-cutting die-cut finished product inspection → → → stripping points packaging

first, proof is ready to die and see if it meets the requirements of design. Steel line (line knife) and steel (die cut knife) location whether accurate; open slot open hole of knife line whether used whole line, line turn at whether for Park angle; to easy clear waste, adjacent narrow waste side of link whether increases has connection part, makes its even into a; two line of joint at whether appeared pointed angle phenomenon; whether exists pointed angle line as Yu another a line of middle paragraph of situation, problem. Die once the problems mentioned above, shall immediately notify the plate be amended to avoid wasting more time. Then, die-cutting, make a good, fixed in the version box in the die-cutting machine, preliminary adjusted position.
adjustment pressures, determined rules and paste rubber bullet
layout adjustment pressures, first adjust the pressure of steel. Cushion after the first boot pressure several times in order to touch the flat steel and cardboard pressure test greater than die layout, according to the steel-cut cardboard cut, in part or in whole gradually increase or decrease the interleaving layers method, so the knife pressure is uniform.
General 0.8mm lower than the rounded steel wire (because of the different type of corrugated board and cardboard thickness gap should be adjusted) to the steel line and steel to obtain the ideal pressure, should be based on the nature of the die-cut cardboard adjusted pressure on the wire. Usually calculated according to the die-cut cardboard thickness the thickness of the pad of paper, that is, the thickness of the pad of paper = high-wire high-steel are die-cut cardboard thickness.
Note: in layout pressure adjustment is completed, die fix. When determining the rules and are die-cut products Center for optimum.
rubber bullets should be placed in the main kitchen knives on the sides of the base, using rubber bullets sound recovery function, the cardboard separated from cutting edge available. Generally, rubber article should high out die cut blade 1.2mm around, rubber article distance knife line of distance 1mm~2mm suitable, because if only by knife body installation, rubber play plug in by pressure Hou cannot to knife body direction expansion, only to another party to expansion, caused to on both sides pulled paper, die cut knife also not cut paper, has was rubber play plug pulled broken, easy produced paper hair.
pressure die-cutting, die-cutting, stripping, product inspection, points packages
after the completion of the work, proofs should be die-cut, carry out a comprehensive check to see whether the various indicators to meet the requirements. Full-time inspectors after the signature is confirmed, you can carry out production.
production process, operators should not regularly post. Mainly set and compare and see if there is a problem to resolve in a timely manner. Die-cutting products should go to extra margin, and then polished the edge of Burr, make it smooth without burrs. Subsequent selection of finished check out defective products, end points, packaging, inspection, warehousing.


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