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Service concept

  company is in pursuit of a higher degree of customer satisfaction, provide more satisfaction to the user's service as the ultimate goal, your satisfaction is our pursuit of.
printing services company to new concepts together with our customers to create the perfect print. We take print-related consulting, photography, design, production, printing, and finishing.
our goal is not just to customers to sign, but the customer's success.
1, plan
printing company which is for the fit, the design of the main Division, printing, page size, number of prints, or select the relevant processors, have to be carefully considered, to make the production process.
2, making
printing feature for copy writing, design, layout planning, is the production of finished work before.
3, production output and Ethan completed
Finish in the platemaking, pictures to electronic color scanning color, number of words, lines, nets (dot), and indicates that the imposition on the finalization of texts, illustrations, etc, then make, of course, sent back to the designer for proofreading. In finalization of electronics is required to make the output write output or instruction, clearly indicates that the output of the line number and color, monochrome pages, to avoid communication errors, resulting in unnecessary losses. Proofreading

4, this is the last step before printing, check whether the color proofing in accordance with confirmed release correction correction must be particularly careful when using a red pen to write specific and easy to understand text or location, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.
5, printing
tried to amend a bronzed mesh transfer printing four color version, sent to the printing machine will begin printing. Ideal for printed products, we must first understand printing, because there are many variables, this must have a certain of these factors and adequate awareness and understanding.
6, bookbinding processing
the last step is the binding process of printing. Generally with the most is the cutting, embossing and binding, according to pages, type of paper used, the fine and used, depending on the purpose.
7, quality and
--through a Web site or e-mail fill in the "feedback or submissions".
– contact our customer representative directly.
– we will understand the relevant situation in the 3rd and the responsible officers and correction.
– understanding the situation, we will give you satisfactory results.

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